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Episode #189

Imperfect action is the key to Clockworking

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About this episode:

Today, Julie is joined by Clockie winner, Eden Houghtaling, Lead Business Advisor and Owner of PinPoint Business Solutions.

Eden was nominated for the Clockie after being put through the wringer with a tough team member loss right after a hire for a different role.

“Instead of wallowing or throwing in the towel, Eden used that as an opportunity to take a step back, assess how to fill that gap, and has propelled herself forward by relying on her clockworking skills.”

Eden’s story is a fabulous example of how taking imperfect action and focusing more resources on having the right person in the right seat in your business can be the difference maker.

Most importantly she talks about the transformation that vulnerable and open communication has had on her company culture since focusing on Clockwork. 

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