It’s time to stop feeling overwhelmed and overworked.
The world needs you to step up as the visionary leader you are.

Run Like Clockwork :: Efficiency experts for your growing business

When you design your business so it runs itself — instead of staying stuck in the weeds — you’ll have the time and freedom to develop a new product or service, write the book you've been putting off, give back to your community, or even start that next  business venture you've been daydreaming of.

If you're ready to create a streamlined, successful business, you're in the right place. The Run Like ClockworkTM framework starts with the principles of Clockwork: Design Your Business to Run Itself by Mike Michalowicz (best-selling author of Profit First, The Pumpkin Plan, and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur).

From those guiding principles, RLC will help you reimagine your business design. You'll investigate your current reality, pinpoint what’s bottlenecking your growth, and create more efficiency and profitability.

The result: happier customers, happier team members, happier YOU.

Run Like Clockwork :: A proven framework to help you boost productivity, increase profitability, and make work not suck

Meet the RLC superheroes

Run Like Clockwork was founded by Mike Michalowicz and operational efficiency experts, Adrienne Dorison and Tyler Brannon.

Run Like Clockwork :: Author, Mike Michalowicz

Mike Michalowicz

Mike Michalowicz

Mike is where it all began. As a best-selling author and the founder of multiple multi-million dollar businesses, Mike is passionate about helping entrepreneurs build strong, successful businesses. With his latest book, Clockwork, he laid the foundation for business owners to begin reclaiming their time. But he knew he wanted to do more than impart knowledge; he wanted those business owners to take action. So he reached out to the best operational efficiency expert he knew — Adrienne Dorison — to make it happen.

Run Like Clockwork :: Operational efficiency expert, Adrienne Dorison

Adrienne Dorison

Adrienne Dorison

Adrienne is a certified LEAN Six Sigma consultant and SCRUM expert trainer, originally from the world of corporate manufacturing. With an extensive background in operational efficiency, she’s obsessed with streamlining, simplifying, and creating strategic growth. After working with hundreds of businesses, ranging from micro-businesses to Fortune 500 companies, she's developed a proprietary system that cuts costs, saves time, and expands margins in 90 days or less. She's also the founder of Good Businesses Do Good™, which helps business owners to make more so they can give more.

Run Like Clockwork :: Operational efficiency expert, Tyler Brannon

Tyler Brannon

Tyler Brannon

Tyler is also a certified LEAN Six Sigma Green Belt consultant, whose expertise is in back-end operations, supply chain management, manufacturing, and financials. He has operated several successful businesses and provided critical systems support for process creation and standardization. His efforts have helped businesses save money and owners stay laser-focused on what will help them grow, scale, and be profitable — without staying stuck in the daily grind.


Adrienne HAS taken the principles of Clockwork + created RLC to enable passionate leaders to step up and achieve more (while doing less).

Adrienne is supported by a team of RLC consultants, trainers, and believers in the power of smart operations.


We know first-hand what better operations can do for you

We've leveraged our training and experiences to help countless leaders like you step away from the constant doing. Our framework is the real deal, and that’s why we practice what we preach. We’re not just experts. We live the RLC way. Our business runs itself and reflects our core values:



We provide high-quality experiences. We don’t cut corners, and we don’t add unnecessary frills. True progress comes from doing one thing exceptionally well.