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Episode #185

Clockworking for more ease and joy with Nicole Kuyten

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About this episode:

We LOVE it when our Clockworking business leaders include their team in the process because we know how much more efficient it is to have us walk their team through the implementation of these frameworks rather than have to act like a go-between (aka bottleneck). 

Team members are often the closest ones to the actual problems inside your business, and can generally help you create the most efficient solutions… as long as they are empowered to make changes.

In this episode, Julie talks with Nicole Kuyten, the communications coordinator at Bio AG Consultants and Distributors and a recent Clockie winner about how clockworking has transformed her day-to-day life.

They cover:

  • The key characteristic of a clockworking team member
  • Why everyone should actually want to feel replaceable in the business
  • How she has been able to spearhead the clockworking efforts at the company with such success

If you’re ready to invest the resources in your team to bring more ease and joy into their roles, visit