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Episode #182

A Sit Down with Clockie Winner Caroline Somer

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About this episode:

“I can’t Clockwork, my business is too new/established/small/big/unique/structured…”

Sound familiar? 

I’m sure you’ve thought something similar about your own business, or role.  That it is too something to clockwork.

Every business is unquestionably on its own journey, AND, that doesn’t mean it can’t be Clockworked exactly where it is right now. 

Emily recently sat down with Caroline Somer of Somer Design to learn more about her experience clockworking her 13-year-old business.

They talk about:

  • Why Emily nominated Caroline for the Clockie award
  • The challenges and rewards of employing an international team
  • How to navigate the rollercoaster of solving a Delivery bottleneck. 

About Caroline + Somer Design:

Somer design has grown from a single freelancer to a full-service agency offering a range of brand, web, design, and marketing services.  They help purpose-driven business owners

find clarity and confidence in their brand, drive traffic to their website, engage with their target audience, and build authority.

 To learn more about Somer Design visit:

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