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Episode #158

Delegating your way to your dream business with Danielle Cherewyk

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About this episode:

When Team RLC was making our nominations for Clockie recently, Danielle was a unanimous winner. Not only is she dedicated to making the clockwork systems work for her, but she’s also built an incredible team of 40+ women during the process. 

And the icing on the cake? She has now officially taken all of her Clockwork vacations, and is a member of the 4-Week Vacation Club!

In this episode, you’ll discover:

  • What it was really like to clockwork her rapidly growing salon business
  • Her powerful “hit by a bus” strategy to engage her team.
  • How she solved her biggest bottleneck and created a system that will develop incredible new team members for her in one shot. 

Danielle is truly a Clockwork superstar, and has so much valuable experience to share, particularly with those in the service industry.  She is living proof that this Clockworking can work for all business models.

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If you want to follow along on Danielle’s clockwork journey you can learn more about her and The Head Room at the links below

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