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Episode #183

How to Attract Top Talent

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About this episode:

“If you think you’re leading the same workforce that you were in February 2020, with the same mindset, mentality, desires, and priorities… you’re nuts!” – Scott Sonenshein

91% of millennials will stay in their job for less than three years and 73% of candidates are passive job seekers, which means there are more high-quality applicants looking for new opportunities than ever!

The key is knowing where to find them, and how to communicate that you are the right fit for them!

In this episode Emily covers:

  • How to write a clear job posting 
  • The key to an application that works
  • Where to actually find these top applicants

The hiring process doesn’t have to feel overwhelming or intimidating.  The key is being clear about what you need and speaking directly to the people who are the best fit to work with you.

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