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Episode #151

How to stop cheating yourself with Johnathan Milligan

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About this episode:

We’re back this week with one of my favorite types of podcast episodes – celebrating a 4 Week Vacation!

This is the ultimate litmus test of a Clockwork business, and I love getting the opportunity to learn about the different strategies people use to get there!

In this episode,

Adrienne interviews Johnathan Milligan, a current Clockworker who just took his 4-week vacation.

Johnathan shares:

  • Why he feels like he has been cheating himself recently.
  • How he used his QBR as a tool to get off the “promotion hamster wheel”. 
  • How his clockwork vacations actually moved his vision forward faster.

Interested in the work Johnathan and his team are doing? You can check them out at

And if you’re ready to stop cheating yourself and spend more time on vacation while growing your business you can learn more about our Accelerator program at