The Future Collapse of Digital Entrepreneurship (And Why EVEN THE BEST Marketing + Sales Won’t Solve It)

PART 4: Make your business Run Like Clockwork


The answer to growth and scaling problems lies in the distinctly unsexy world of efficiency + operations.


There’s really nothing very splashy about systems, which is a shame, because they’re the solid foundation that all growth, expansion, and scale must be built on. When your business runs on rock solid systems; when you can see your metrics at a glance and know immediately what your next steps should be to improve any aspect of your business; when every member of your team is empowered to bring their highest contribution to the company… That’s when your business is ready and able to grow and scale without all the headaches and hiccups.

When you focus on creating operational efficiency, it also means you’re:

  • Saving money, because you’re never just throwing money at a problem to try to fix it

  • Saving time, because everyone is working to their best capacity

  • Saving energy, because you don’t have to make every single decision for the entire team

  • Saving brainpower, because you’re not reinventing the wheel every time you encounter a problem.

A company that’s built on solid systems with operational efficiency in mind is the kind of company that continues to run and grow whether you’re sitting at your desk or not.

It’s the kind of company that keeps right on producing at maximum efficiency, even when you’re on vacation.

It’s the kind of company where team members don’t just make decisions, they make the right decisions that benefit the company.

Imagine a system that could set you up to be able to take a four-week vacation whenever you please… and the company runs just as well {or maybe better?!?} than it does when you’re at work.


"A workaholic is a label for an unproductive person."
—Mike Michaelowicz


We call this the
Run Like Clockwork ACCELERATOR system

If you’ve read Mike Michalowicz’s book, Clockwork, some of this may be familiar. That’s because we worked with Mike both in the development of the book and to create a program that would go well beyond where the book leaves off to help business owners implement the suggestions and revelations made in Clockwork.

Because, let’s face it: The book can’t talk back to you when you have questions about how something applies to your unique business! You need expert advice and nuanced feedback to make operational efficiency work.

But before we invite you to implement the Run Like Clockwork ACCELERATOR system in your business, I need to make sure you’re ready to take your operations and efficiency seriously.


Run Like Clockwork Core is perfect for you if:

✔️You feel alone in your business… you’re the only one able to really move things forward.

✔️Even though you’ve got great team members + support staff… ultimately it still comes down to YOU to make sure things happen + decisions are made… and it's exhausting.

✔️You want to be able to stay more directly in your zone of genius, but that always seems to get the least amount of time!

✔️You wake up in the middle of the night wondering if that really important thing you assigned to Jessica last week has actually been done yet… it's not that you don't trust her, you just aren't sure...

✔️You don't want to micromanage people… but can't figure out the balance between letting go + making sure things get done RIGHT.

✔️You’re ready for the next level of growth, but if we’re being honest, you’re afraid of what more growth will do to your personal sanity, relationships, quality of life, and brand reputation...


You're NOT the best match for this program if...

❌You’re struggling to pay your bills and you’re hoping this will “save” you….

❌You don’t have an established customer base + haven’t had proven success with your products or services.

❌You don’t have/want support team members — Clockworking is only possible when we can maximize the team you already have + fill gaps as needed with team. You don't have to have the team members currently, but you need to be willing to receive support.

❌You aren’t willing to test things out + love doing things as they’ve always been done.


If you’re ready to get off the “double your growth” “six and seven-figure explosion” treadmill…

…and really get your business to run like clockwork — to the point that you feel confident that it could not only run and deliver on your brand promise but actually grow even when you’re not there, we’ve developed a system for understanding where your problems are and devising systems to solve them.

We start with time management and look at what kinds of tasks are eating up most of your time as the business owner — and what your team members are spending their time on. We call this the 4D mix, and we break down your week into time spent doing, deciding, delegating, and designing.

From there, we want to know what your business’ Queen Bee Role (QBR) is — that is, what’s the thing that must happen in order to be successful? From there, we can drill down and identify your Queen Bee Role in the company and the QBR of each of your team members, which provides the clarity and focus you may all be craving.

Once we have this information in hand, we can start to rebalance the team. We want to examine whether we have the right people in the right roles to serve their highest purpose and the business’ highest good.

At this point, we want to look at your systems — or begin to set them up if you don’t have any. We’ll identify metrics and create dashboards that can help you and your team know at a glance whether or not the business is on track to meet goals. We’ll even show you how to create a structure based on the four bottlenecks to help organize and streamline your systems. That way, if you ever run into a failure again, you’ll be able to almost instantly identify where the problem is and even how to fix it.

And finally, we’ll reexamine your business bottlenecks. The bottlenecks are cyclical; once you solve your delivery problem, you may find that you open up new capacity and need more leads. But by understanding the systems that create the foundation of your business, you’ll be well poised to move through the cycles more efficiently and have the information you need to make well-informed business decisions.

Are you ready to set up your system to Run Like Clockwork?

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