Don’t get me wrong, sales are important…

But, being EFFICIENT with your resources, expanding your profit margins, creating cost savings, leaning down the team… now those are things you should be excited about + focused on.

Otherwise, all MORE SALES gets you is spending MORE MONEY. Making business decisions solely on what's going to maximize sales is an incredibly BAD idea. Clockwork isn’t just about your freedom, although you’ll get that too, it’s about efficiency.

It’s about utilizing every resource (money, time, energy, team, etc.) to produce the maximum amount of results with the LEAST amount of resource input. Now THAT, my friend, is sexy and that is what we should be focused on FIRST as entrepreneurs who want more growth.

Let’s take one of our students as an example, and do a little math equation with you that might make more sense…

Revenue Year 1: $500,000
Expenses Year 1: $400,000

Things seem to be working on the revenue side so… let’s just keep doing everything we’re doing...

Revenue Year 2: $1,000,000
Expenses Year 2: $900,000

Okay, sales doubled, and now they can say they’re a 7-figure business...but they didn’t KEEP any more money, yet did about DOUBLE the work to make it.

Revenue Year 3: $2,000,000
Expenses Year 3: $2,000,000

Dang...multi-7-figure business, but couldn’t hold on to any of it because the growth + scale BALLOONED the expenses.

This company struggled because they were only focused on increasing sales + revenue and were willing to spend whatever it took just to keep up with the entrepreneurial joneses...the big problem is, this isn’t sustainable. It will burn you out, and when you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall to make the company grow, the tendency is to be afraid to stop doing anything… which only causes expenses to continue to rise and even outpace revenue in many cases.

On the flip side, let’s look at what happened when that same company focused on growth through the Clockwork EFFICIENCY lens in their 4th year…

Revenue Year 4: $2,000,000
Expenses Year 4: $750,000

Pretty neat, right? I’d say so.

No additional growth in this year, but LOTS of additional profit, WAY less work involved because we got lean + efficient and focused on doing less, better. They’re now prepared and equipped to handle growth + scale in year out world!

This all doesn’t happen magically though, it happens through CEO decisions to focus on efficiency + numbers that really matter and not just vanity metrics that don’t move you forward faster.

That’s exactly what the Run Like Clockwork Accelerator is built to help you + your team do.