Where is the workshop located + how do i get there?

Tampa, Fl — we’ve got an amazing and super easy airport right here in Tampa FL. You’ll fly into TPA International Airport and we’ve got a list of hotel recommendations ready for you as soon as you enroll {hotels range from $100-200/night}.

We’ve got easy access to Uber and Lyft and the airport is about 20 minute ride from our event location and hotels.

If travelling to Florida is just not in the cards for you right now, you do have the option of joining us virtually via live stream.


The workshop will run from 9:00am - 5pm on both Monday + Tuesday.  Tuesday night is our Evening of Thanks that we DO NOT want you to miss out on! Wednesday is our implementation day, where we have time to dig into the real work. We'll be there in the room for questions + 1:1 time from 10am to 4pm (Note - Implementation day is only available to people who join is in Florida)

If you want our opinion, if it were us, we'd fly in on Sunday evening, and plan to fly out on Thursday morning to be able to soak it all in.

Will i get personal feedback for my business During this Program?

YES, this is a small and intimate program {not a huge or impersonal conference} for a reason, because we want to make sure we have the time and space to truly KNOW you and your business + give you specific ideas, feedback + tools that are unique to your business.

What’s included in my investment?

  • 4 LIVE classes -- to deliver the CORE Clockwork Curriculum

  • 3 core practices/implementations with homework that must be completed to join us at the workshop

  • 3 full value-packed workshop days

  • Evening of Thanks happy hour {drinks + snacksincluded}

  • Lunch on each day

  • Coffee, to your hearts content

  • Healthy snacks to keep you focused

  • Post-workshop implementation time

  • Q+A follow up call 3 weeks after our live workshop to answer all your q’s!

  • Lifetime access to an online portal with all our trainings + tools

  • Lifetime access to our ever-growing resource library / hub

  • 3 hard copies of the Clockwork book to share with your team / colleagues

  • Access to private alumni community

  • Fun, hugs and new friends also included…


We get it, life happens...and not always according to our plans. If for some reason you can no longer make it, there's a couple options:

1. we can easily transfer your registration to a team member or a colleague within 7 days of the live event -- just reach out to us + our team will help you get this squared away!

2. if no one else can join us either, let us know within 30 days of the event and we can transfer your registration to one of our next 4 workshops {essentially, you've got a year to reschedule with us}. 

Can I register a team member later once I’ve confirmed their availability?

Yes! We encourage you to bring key team members with you to this workshop, which is why your $5500 investment is applicable to your team.

WHAT's the return on investment I can expect from implementing clockwork?

Every business operation is different, so we can't give you a specific number for your business, but what we can do is share some examples of what some of our clients have experienced as a result of implementing the Clockwork Method.

  • one client created an annual cost savings of over $480,000 through one operational adjustment that we found together

  • another client increased their profit margins by 13% in just 90 days

  • and another slashed their working hours from 13 hour days to 6 hour days, while increasing revenue, in just 4 weeks...

Results + return on investment aren't magic though, you must be willing to take some action + implement these ideas into your business after you attend our live workshop to experience these incredible returns, we'll absolutely show up for you if you are willing to show up for yourself. 

My business is really unique, will this work for us?

Yes! We’ve worked with businesses in all industries and we personally love the challenge of unique businesses. Our favorite customers have complex supply chains, the kind where products can spoil if the temperature is off by even one degree {yes, we've worked with clients like this!}. We’ve worked with a range of industries + businesses from e-commerce, bakeries, meal subscription services, CrossFit gyms, accountants, manufacturers, website designers + agencies, course creators and everything in between.

What if the dates don’t work for me?

There’s no hard pressure sales here to join the next cohort, we plan to keep running these workshops every quarter. Our goal is to be here for a long time serving our customers...but we want to encourage you to join us as soon as it’s humanly possible, because every month you wait, you’re losing money that we could be helping you recoup through our methodologies.

Can i just send my team member?

It’s your business, so technically, you can. But, we’re not advocating for it. We really need YOU, the CEO here with these key team members. You, the business owner and decision maker, need to come — even if you won’t be implementing the changes.  . You need to believe in the power of better operations before you hand over the reins. You’re going to have to let go of the doing, so you can start leading. We've made the additional team member investment a small add-on to encourage you bringing as many key team members as possible.


I don't have any full-time team members yet...

YES! If you have people that support you in some capacity in the business, whether that's full-time, part-time or contractors, this will work for you. And as you bring on additional team members in any capacity, this workshop will help set you up for more success with hiring, management + leadership. 

I like the work I do, and I don't really want to take a '4 week vacation' like the book talks about...

YES! We use the 4-week vacation as a goal to work towards so that the daily business operations aren't hinging on YOU all the time, but many of our clients don't have the desire to take 4 weeks completely off. The real freedom is knowing that they could. The Clockwork Method also frees you up to be working on YOUR most important contributions to the business, which likely aren't what you're doing right now on most hours of most days. Many of our clients also have goals of scaling their businesses in much bigger ways, or have tons of ideas for new companies they want to start, or simply want to be able to slow down while still growing-- which requires them to remove themselves from the daily operation of the current business.  

Already have an operations person on my team...

YES! If your operations person hasn't been trained in the Clockwork Method yet, there is an opportunity for improvement! Bring them with you. This workshop is all about continuing to advance + improve your businesses + teams operational efficiency. We've had lots of managers, COO's, + executive assistants attend our workshop with their CEO so that they can understand the methodology + be the point person on implementation. It's your responsibility as the CEO of a small business to provide training + development opportunities + experiences for team members that you believe in.

We only extend invitations to those we feel we can help, so click to apply so we can learn more about where you’re at + help you decide.


Still HAVE questions? We can help! pop them into thE chatbox + a team member will be with you shortly!