Would Your Business Survive Without You for 4 Weeks?!

Take the 4D Sticky Note Challenge to Find Out


We often talk about getting your business ready so that you could take a four-week vacation and still make money — but what about those life events that aren’t exactly … a vacation?


Parental leave, a life threatening diagnosis, natural disasters, weddings and graduations, new business opportunities, a family member who needs care…

What would happen to your business — your clients, your revenue streams — if you suddenly had to walk away for a week... a month... or more?

Does your business need you to keep running, or could you step away if you had to and know that your business was still making money?

It’s the ultimate test to know if you’re really running a business, or if it’s just running all over you.


If you give us about 30 minutes and one sticky note in our #4Dchallenge, we can tell you if your business would barely survive or thrive when faced with an unexpected life event. And we’re calling it the 4D Sticky Note Challenge.


Being prepared for the curveballs life throws you is actually not about how much money you have in the bank or how many people you have on your team.


It’s a lot simpler than that. In fact, we can tell you how your business might fare with information that fits on just ONE sticky note!

In these quick videos, we’re going to give you a quick little exercise that will show you whether your business would thrive or flounder if you were faced with an unexpected life event. And it all fits on a single sticky note!

In about 30 minutes, we will help you collect the info that will show you if your business would thrive or just barely survive if you had to step away for an extended period of time — and then we’ll show you what to do with that info to start taking steps toward preparing for the unexpected.

Are you in?


 We’re Mike Michalowicz, author of Profit First + Clockwork, and Adrienne Dorison, operational efficiency expert, and we’re the co-founders of Run Like Clockwork.


Our mission is to get business owners off the hamster wheel of doing everything themselves and get your business running like clockwork — so that you are prepared for whatever life throws your way, be it an unexpected life event or a long-awaited vacation.

Let us show you how to prepare your business to run like clockwork — whether you’re there or not! Click the button below to join our free challenge!